Serving College Basketball Coaches’ Wives

Nations of Coaches (NOC) Wives desires to serve, connect and equip you as a coach’s wife. We believe you have a unique calling as “Mrs. Coach”, and that God has designed you to be a woman with great purpose – within your marriage, family, team, community and workplace – for His glory! As you navigate the joys and challenges of the coaching lifestyle, we want to meet you right where you are, providing opportunities for you to feel seen, loved and treasured. 

“As iron sharpens iron, so one {wo}man sharpens another” – Proverbs 27:17

When we come together and share our commonalities along this journey, the power of a sisterhood is found. We strive to be women who encourage one another, pray for one another, seek truth from God’s Word with one another, and simply love one another, all for God’s glory.

Coaches’ Wives Events & Opportunities

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Resources & Encouragement

Verse of the Month

by Hope Radebaugh


Notes from Mr. & Mrs. Coach

by Bert & Stacy Capel


Recipes, Laughter, Transparency

by Jacci Lightfoot


Order Your NOC Wives Cookbook!

Time around the table – particularly the “table” that brings us together during a seven month basketball season – is without question, unique! That is why NOC Wives designed a cookbook mindfully arranged by coaches’ wives for coaches’ wives. Our goal, through intentional recipe screening, accompanied with devotions in each section, is to provide great food choices for large and small crowds alike. These choices promote a common theme of connection for any and all who find themselves doing life around a basketball table.

A percentage of all sales will be used to bless coaching families who are in financial need or crisis.

Meet our NOC Wives Leadership Team:

Front Left to Right: Dee Kijanko, Tanya Cramer, Heather Kyle, Lynette Gee
Back Left to Right: Jacci Lightfoot, Justine Lightfoot, Lisa Wehry, Hope Radebaugh

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