Character Coaching

“The Character Coach is a vital team member of our staff. Our program would not be what it is without the influence of our Character Coach.”
– Bill Self, NCAA Head Basketball Coach
The most impactful work we do is in our Character Coaching program. Character Coaches are the engines that drive our impact on the next generation. These specially trained men come alongside a team for the long haul, deeply investing in the character development of both the coaches and the players. We see stories of inspiring life-change come out of these relationships cultivated with coaches and student-athletes.

Thousands of coaches and student-athletes can benefit from a Character Coach. Our goal is to impact more coaches and athletes, by training and resourcing new Character Coaches, and embedding them with programs across the nation.

  • Teams that have a Character Coach have higher graduation rates and APR scores.
  • Teams that have a Character Coach have more wins than in previous years without one.

There are incredible benefits to be gained by a program that has a Character Coach.

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