About Us

Ask anyone to name the most influential person in their life, and chances are they’ll say it was a coach.

That’s why since 2008, Nations of Coaches has partnered with men’s college basketball programs around the country to help coaches and their players achieve a higher level of play – both on and off the court.
“No other aspect of our athletic program meant as much to our team as the time devoted to building the character base of our coaches and players.”
– Dave Odom, Retired NCAA Head Basketball Coach

Every year, we work with 3,500+ coaches by helping their players make the connection between character and sport – equipping and encouraging them with the resources they need to build young men of high character.

Mission Statement:

To see coaches and all whom they influence impacted for the glory of God.

Vision Statement:

Equip coaches to leave a legacy of excellence!


Dr. James Naismith, the inventor of basketball, held an inspiring vision for the game to change lives and “win men for the Master through the gym.”

Nations of Coaches’ mission is to honor Coach Naismith’s spiritual design for the game, by empowering college basketball coaches across the country to leave a legacy of excellence.

For Nations of Coaches, returning the sport back to how Naismith envisioned the game means serving, connecting, and equipping coaches to handle everyday pressures. Learn more about what Dr. Naismith intended for the sport of basketball, in this article from The Wall Street Journal.

Jim Haney, longtime basketball coach and executive director of the National Association of Basketball Coaches (NABC), dreamed of pursuing Dr. Naismith’s vision by launching an organization dedicated to college basketball coaches, to help them deal with the everyday pressure to produce and win. He understood how those pressures complicate life and make it difficult for coaches to have a positive impact on the athletes.

Jim didn’t think basketball was carrying the vision Naismith intended. With Jim’s place in the basketball world, he felt he was in a position to help “take back the game.” He felt that if we could support leaders, come alongside them, and lift them up and encourage them, it would transform the game.

That’s why Jim Haney founded Nations of Coaches in 2008 – to return basketball to its complete purpose.

“I dreamed of launching a ministry dedicated to coaches of all sports to help them deal with the everyday pressure to produce and win. I believe Nations of Coaches is one of those avenues God can utilize to change America through the lives of coaches.”
– Jim Haney, Executive Director, NABC
We share the same vision as Haney and Naismith: to use basketball to develop the next generation of men. We use values-driven leadership development to strengthen the character and core values of players, thereby leaving a legacy of excellence for a generation of men.

Since 2008, Nations of Coaches’ reach has grown significantly. And yet there is so much more opportunity to reach coaches and the young men they impact!

Get in the Game

Off the Court

There’s no better way to get in the game than to host a Nations of Coaches “Off the Court” event with your friends, family, or community.

You can host one in your home, club, or church. In fact, you can completely customize your event to suit your guests and give you the best opportunity to:

  • See coaches and all they influence
  • Inspire your network to support Nations of Coaches

A Nations of Coaches representative and college basketball coach will be with you at your event to share their story and how they’ve been impacted. Your role is to bring guests who can help take the game to a higher level of play!

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Leave a legacy of excellence

One simple act can have a life-changing impact on thousands of young men and build a powerful generation of leaders—on and off the court.

Leave a gift to Nations of Coaches in your will and you’ll help equip coaches and invest in the future of student-athletes across the nation. Now that’s a successful legacy!

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At our annual Legacy Breakfast, NOC Executive Director Tommy Kyle shares some statistics on college basketball:

“There are nearly 2,000 men’s college basketball teams. That relates to about 10,000 coaches and a little fewer than 30,000 student-athletes every year. We are in about 10% of the programs. We are reaching more student-athletes and coaches than I ever imagined, but there is so much more work that needs to be done.” Click the video to hear more and how you can help.