Ways to Encourage Your Coach…

Ways to Encourage Your Coach…

by Dee Kijanko

As I poured his mug of coffee this early morn, gratefulness for the privilege overwhelmed my soul.  Yes, after a hard fought season of cancer and prayers answered miracuously, every new morning together offers much to be thankful for.  This morning, reflection and wonder joined gratefulness as I held a full cup.

When I first heard his voice, it didn’t match his large, tall, strong athletic frame.  

It was almost soft, gentle. Though I really didn’t know him then, I was immediately drawn to him.  A tender warrior, I thought. Just like King David.

“He trains my hands for battle!  Your right Hand sustains me! Your help made me great!”  King David’s words in Psalm 18. The word for “help” in that verse comes from the Hebrew word for “gentleness” and “humility”.

The gentleness of the Father  exercised toward an imperfect human being allows us to be “great”, just as it allowed King David’s success.  It was the gentleness, the tenderness that God taught King David through hard lessons over the years that, in the end…became his true greatness.  

Hard seasons, refining fire does that.  They bring forth gold, goodness, and eventually, greatness.

“Whoever wants to be great, must be a servant.” Jesus, in Matthew 20:26.

“The Son of man did not come to be served, but to serve, and give his life a ransom for many.”  Matthew 20:28

The humility of the Son, laying His life down for me in selfless love.

May I too be willing to die to myself.  May I lay down my life for my husband in the humility and love of my Lord Jesus. May I be gentle, tender in the power that is mine as his wife, to bless him, to serve him, to “help” lead us together to true greatness and sweet connection.  Even in the simple, easy ways I have daily opportunity to do so.

Like finding it pure joy to serve him his mug of morning coffee.  Even, pour it first.


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