Verse of the Month

Verse of the Month

by Hope Radebaugh

“When I said my foot is slipping, your love, O Lord, supported me. When anxiety was great within me, your consolation brought joy to my soul.”
Psalm 94:18–19

In the day of fast moving trains, planes and cars in lanes (all equipped with high-speed digital capacity), the pace of life can spin wildly out of control leaving us to feel anxious, unsettled- undone. When you add a rigorous basketball schedule to the mix (our husbands’ and potentially our own kids’)- family dinners, peaceful conversations and secure routines somehow seem to fade in the distance.

Simply put, the pace and demands of circumstances surrounding us can create a problem with our “footing.”

David, writing in Psalm 94 knew about “footing.” Whether on the run from King Saul or another enemy, in this passage he shares a few pointers regarding “safety “when the ground beneath us begins to shake.

This month would you consider writing Psalm 94:18–19 on an index card- meditating on it and asking the Lord to speak to you about your “footing?”

Next Tuesday we’ll unpack the treasure found in these verses. If anyone ever needed a firm place to stand – it is US coaches’ wives! God has the solution(s) for our “footing!”

YOU are seen, YOU are loved, YOU are TREASURED.