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Access our interactive map to adopt your favorite team(s) to pray for. While we emphasize prayer during the month of March, we recognize the importance of praying for college basketball all year round.

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Why Pray?

Nations of Coaches recognizes the timing and the pressure on coaches and athletes to see the hard work of their season pay off. The relentless hours paired with high expectations and unknown results takes a mental, and sometimes physical, toll on all parties involved.

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Head over to the map to adopt a team, or teams to pray for.

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You can adopt men’s and/or women’s teams across all conferences and divisions.

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Let us know who you will be praying for, and we will send the official College Basketball Day of Prayer Prayer Guide in return.

THe official College Basketball Prayer Guide

When you adopt a team, you will receive the official College Basketball Prayer Guide! Inside the guide you’ll discover how to best pray for your teams.

On March 1st, we focused our prayers on...


We pray for peace under the pressure of the season, understanding their roles in leading the next generation, alignment of their goals with God’s goals, and maintaining the values of integrity & character.

Coaches' Marriages/Families

For coaches and their spouses to prioritize faith and family, to have peace in unknown schedules while Coach is away from home, and to have trust in God’s plan during possible transitions and relocations.

Student Athletes

For student athletes to know God and see their true identity, keep safe from injury, and to have wisdom to make the right decisions at the end of the season whether to stay, transfer, or end their athletic career.

The Game of Basketball

We pray that God would take back the game of basketball and use it for what it was created for, to reach the world through the gym for Him.