Character Coaches

Billy Graham stated, "One coach will impact more young people in a year than the average person does in a lifetime... So who's coaching the coaches?"

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What is a Character Coach?

The character coach is a servant. This position serves at the pleasure of the head coach. The overall objective is to help build the complete player (heart body and mind of the student athlete). A Character Coach strives to help coaches and players not only win on the court but also in life.

What does a Character Coach do?

The purpose of a Character Coach is to pour into the lives of coaches and student athletes. There are many ways a CC does this: relationship building, character development studies, mentoring and just simply being there for the coaches and players.

Why is a Character Coach needed?

We have heard coaches say things like:
"My players know and love the game, but their lives off the court are compromising their play on it."
"Something is missing with my players."
"How can I help my players more fully develop as players, young men, husbands and fathers?"
“How can I create a family atmosphere in my locker room?”
“How can I take my program to the next level?”


Request a Character Coach

If you are interested in placing a character coach in your program, please click the buttom above. We are committed to walk through this process with you as you seek out the right person to serve your coaches and student athletes.

  • 26 Division I NCAA
  • 12 Division II NCAA
  • 3 Division III NCAA
  • 5 NAIA
  • 2 Jr. College


Please click the "Learn More" Button below to begin this process. (Note: the majority of Character Coachees placed in programs are volunteers.)