Coach's Resolution

Coach's Resolution

In 1891, at a Springfield, Massachusetts Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA ), God moved in the heart of Dr. James Naismith to win men unto the Master, Jesus Christ, through the gym. He sought to develop the whole person - mind, body, and spirit.

The Master Coach Resolution is for coaches who want to make a commitment to being developed by the Master Coach and being used by Him to develop the whole person of their staff and players. 2 Timothy 2:2 says "and what you have heard from in the presence of many witnesses entrust to faithful men who will be able to teach others." This imperative from the Scriptures is what Dr. James Naismith sought to live out through the game of basketball. When asked the question, "Who will influence young men for the Master?" those who sign the resolution are saying " I will!".

Coaches know and understand commitment. The Master Coach Resolution has been created by NOC as a tool to aid the coach in his resolve to live out the Master's game plan for his life. That game plan is to pour His life through the coach into the lives of all who the coach will influence, especially, his family, staff, and players.

Coach and spouse

Marriage and Family

Marriage and Family Retreats:

One of the objectives of Nations of Coaches is to provide support for coaches and their families. Our goal is to provide Regional Coaches and Wives Retreats to build solid marriages in the coaching world. We also host Coaches' Wives Events that allows wives to connect and encourage each other with the everyday pressure and struggles that they deal with as a coach's wife. We also provide opportunities for coaches and their spouses to attend Mission Trips.

"Barclay and I attended our first NOC Coaches and Spouses Weekend this past May, and to be honest with you, the wisdom, encouragement and empathy that we experienced that weekend, is still fueling our tanks 6 months later." - Hope Radebaugh, wife of Head Coach Barclay Radebaugh

"The trips that NOC has organized for coaches and their spouses are phenomenal! We always leave renewed in our walk with the Lord and our commitment to our marriage. We hope to never have to miss one of their retreats!" - Stephanie Walton, wife of former Lipscomb University Assistant Coach Jay Walton

"Where do I start? Thank you and thank your supporters for enabling Lynette and I to participate in the Marriage Enrichment Retreat to the Dominican Republic. To say it was a life- changing experience wouldn't do it any justice. Your calling, your walk, and your vision motivate me to serve the Father harder and harder!" - Jayson Gee, Head Coach at Longwood University

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the NOC challenge

Challenge image and text

One of the objectives we have at NOC is to assist coaches in their everyday spiritual walk. We know that the world of a coach is filled with many temptations, stresses and unrealistic goals. Where does a coach go to find peace in His own mind? Where can the coach turn to receive advice for daily decisions?

We have put together a challenge for coaches to engage themselves in God's Word. This process consists of taking a passage of Scripture a month and memorizing the text. After memorizing the text, we are challenging the coach to apply the principles learned into their personal lives. We believe as coaches begin to apply these principles found in God's Word, they will begin to lead and coach from a biblical perspective. Coaching from God's playbook is our ultimate goal for every coach in the world.

Will you take the challenge to be a biblical coach? Will you begin to "hide" God's Word in your heart so that you can win at the game of life and be the best leader God has called you to be? If you will commit yourself to the teachings of God's Word, you will invest in the lives of your players for a lifetime and your legacy will far outlive your wins and losses. Take the challenge and WIN!!!!

NOC Challenge - X's and O's To Follow

  • Week 1: Read passage daily and ask God to teach you what He would have you learn.
  • Week 2: Read passage daily. Pray the NOC Challenge prayer. Watch or listen to DVD/CD.
  • Week 3: Read passage daily and pray chal-
    lenge prayer. Talk out passage, discuss it and practice it.
  • Week 4: Read passage daily and pray chal-
    lenge prayer. Teach it – share passage with mentor or friend.